The Nightmare Tee!


Tees's can be such a nightmare!
I had these plain tee's sitting in my cupboard for ages andjust didn't know what to do with them.

I had a pile of perfectly good tee's that were in gorgeous colours that suited me to a tee, "haha", but they were in possible to wear without the neckline falling open all the time when I bent over. Anyway I thought I must not be the only person who finds it hard to track down  and buy tees with higher necklines or have a cupboard full of tee's with horrible necklines, so here's how to not only fix it but snazzy up your tee at the same time!

Well as you can see in the first pic I have just a basic tee. From there simply grab two small sections in the neckline and fold (tuck) them over onto themselves.

Make sure that your two sections are even or it will look funny, as well as fold both the sections facing away from each other. This will ensure that the very front of your tee is being pulled straight.

After you have folded them both, pin your folds in place and try it on to check and make sure that your new neckline is the right size, looks good and that you can still get your tee on and off.

Than, using a needle and thread, sew down your folds and you're nearly done!.

From here it's up to you how you dress it up!
In the following pics I have used a few different ways to jazzy up my tees.

I found some pretty buttons and sewed them straight on top of the folds (tucks) I had just made in the neckline.

On this tee I found some leftover cotton lacing laying around, so I sewed in onto the bottom of the tee as well as around the neckline. And yep, straight over the folds!

And, last but not least, my flower tee. I cut the flowers off another tee that I threw out and hand stitched them on..

Well there you have it, a very simple way to make those nightmare tee's pretty, modest and worry free!
Go for it and have some fun, I did =D

Written By Anita

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