June Rain, Wood Fires and Quilts (Part 1)


Patchwork Quilting, A Love for Sewing ~
One day a lady friend invited me to a quilting class, saying “try it”, you will either love it or hate it.
You will never know unless you give it a go. So what do you do? I gave it a go, I had nothing to lose.
Well, from then on I was hooked, 'hook line and sinker', so the saying goes. I loved it!

I started by making a cushion cover, by hand and from there moved onto  the sewing machine, which was more to my liking.
The class did not last very long, so I continued on at home. The first quilt I ever made turned out to be a Doona cover,  I had no idea about the three layer quilting part.
 It was lovely, lots of work and it cost a lot of money.
I had gone to a quilters fabric shop and bought 
all the fabric there I needed.
Over a period of time I came to realized that there are ways to cut the  cost and still have a lovely product,
(I would advise anyone to look for a class to join and pick up knowledge and ideas).
Quilting is a hobby for the young and old.

By Guest Blogger
Mrs. Janet Wieske

Check back soon to see
June, Rain, Wood Fires & Quilts Part 2 (tips and tricks)

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