My Denim Shorts Modest Refashion


My Denim Shorts Modest Refashion

What do you do when you have a favourite pair of shorts that are a little on the short side? Well, you fix them =D

Here is how I turned my favourite shorts into
 something special and more modest.

Step 1
For this project I needed a quick unpick, scissors, Iron and my trusty pin cushion. First off I unpicked the original hemline of my shorts. I then ironed out the fold marks from the original hemline. Whollah...., longer shorts =D

Step 2
Note: if you like the beachy, casual look you could simply fray the bottom edge of the shorts). I chose the more dressy look of rehemming my shorts. I simply put in a smaller hem then the original as you can see in the pictures.
What they look like unpicked

My new hemline
All Pinned and read for the sewing machine

Step 3
Once I had pinned my hemline in place I ran it through the sewing machine. I chose to double stitch my hemline, you don’t need to do this, I just liked the look.

Okay, from here it’s up to you, You can leave your shorts 
like this or you can add alittle something like me.
I chose to put some lace on my shorts, I recycled the
lace from some clothing I no longer wanted.

My Lace bits
I decided to sew the lace just under my front pockets so,

1st I made sure that the inside on my pockets were pinned
 up and out of the way.

Pinning the pockets out of the way

2nd I pinned the lace pieces in place on the front of the shorts making sure they looked just right.
The Lace is all pinned in place

3rd I sewed around the edges of my pieces of lace and made 
sure they were well stitched down.
(You can see in the picture below).

I then Unpinned the pockets and Wow, I then had a super cute and modest pair of long shorts.

All Done!

This Blog Post was written  by Miss Anita Hair from Godzgear 

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