A few tips to Snap the Perfect Shot!


Well, I am no expert when it comes to taking the perfect photo but I am a 
true lover of Capturing the Moment.
I want to share a few tips that I have learnt along the way in taking a 
photo that will not only 
Stand Out but recapture a Moment in Time.

Firstly, Have a clear idea of what you want to capture!
 What should people see in your photo,what should stand out in the picture,
The Colours, the size, texture, are you capturing a special moment, or a specific action?
When you have a clear idea of what you want out of the photo it will help you come up with the right angle, position, lighting ect. that will ensure you get the picture you imagined.
(Note, photo-shopping is useful but it can only enhance a shot not make it!).

Tip-Bit, When you know what you want out of the photo stick with it, 
don’t give up until you have the shot you are happy with.

Secondly Lighting is Soooo... Important. You will get different effects and feels with varied lighting, eg. natural light, white light  and sun exposure. It’s also important to 
Choose the right time of the day and if possible the right day for specific photo looks.
Take your photo in the right lighting, too much light behind an object will 
cause it to go dark and loose colour and yet too much direct light on the person or object will distort the clearness and colouring also. Try and make your lighting even from all directions. 
There are lots of creative ways to even out your lighting like, using mirror to reflect light, taking the picture near a window.
Keep an eye out for places that seem to have nice lighting. Also, taking the photo in a room that has enough natural lighting is usually the best place to take photos indoors or 
under a tree for outside if you need to take the photo in fun sun.

 But, all this said, don’t let that stop you from picking up your camera and being snap happy.
You can’t delete a shot you don’t have and some of the best photos are unplanned. 
You are somewhere and the lighting is beautiful and snap you have a 
stunning photo capturing the moment perfectly.

Tip-Bit, If you are after a moody photo, I have found overcast or stormy weather days, 
where there is less light exposure, ideal.
If you want that sparkle and glow (the dream wedding look) in your photo, try and 
take it just before the  sun starts setting or in dappled shade, (like under a tree).

Thirdly, know your camera. Read through the manual, look up helps or even better 
go out and play with your camera and it's settings until you know what works best in each different situation and so you know what will give you the feel that you want in your photo.

Last of all be Creative, if something is not working and you just can't get the shot, try something a different way. Change the way the person is positioned, try from a different angle, try a different setting try anything you can think of and be patient, it’s worth the wait and time when you have the perfect photo just the way you imagined.

As I mentioned at the start, I am not an expert but I hope you have found this helpful and it has encouraged you to go out there and capture this Beautiful world our Lord has Created for Us.

Written by Anita Hair

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