Keep organised in style with Up-cycled Picture Frames!


I love DIY projects and here's a stylish way to stay organised and use what you already have laying around the house.

A few months ago I saw an idea for turning a picture frame into a note pad/white board. I then made one for myself to help keep me organised. I loved it and it was great to use something I already had to create something so unique. And, while I was at it, I made a small cork board too. I 've found both my creations to be super helpful, they also add to the look I'm after for my work corner

All that said they are very simple to make:

Note Pad/White Board

Grab a frame. You could do up an old frame you might have laying around (you could egg carton rose it), or buy a frame that you like. Take the backing off your frame and insert whatever you would like as your white board backing! You could print off some lines like I did so it looks like a note pad, print off a daily calendar, meal plan or have a blank background in nice colours, the possibilities are huge.
Simply put your frame back together and your done!

Framed Cork Board

It's pretty similar to the white board except you will need some cork, You can buy some at your local craft store or hardware, or re-use some from an old board. When you take the backing off, leave out the glass and replace it with the cork!

I hope you enjoyed this Blog Post, I know I loved what I could create so easily and without paying a fortune.

God Bless

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