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The Modest Closet Page is Here!


Hi All,

Well we're back home safe and sound now. God truly blessed our trip with so many beautiful moments, Awesome sites and glorious experiences. He is most worthy to be Praised!

Now that we're back things around here (the Blogging) will be getting back to normal.Therefore, that being said, this  weeks blog is both New and Old! As of this month my website 
will no longer be available as I am transfering everything over to this, my Godzgear Blog Site! 

It is in doing this change over I have now add the Modest Closet Page to this Godzgear Blog!

I created to Modest Closet Page to aid us woman who seek to serve the Lord through dressing modestly. The modest closet page is simply and purely a little list of shops, websites and blog sites that I have found over the years that either sell modest clothing or have been encouraging to me in some way. Any way, the easiest way to know what it's all about is to have a look for yourself, Simply click on the page link at the top of the blog site page.

I hope you find this New Page helpful and make sure you check back to it soon as it's due for an Update!

God Bless,
Written By Anita

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