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It’s seems to be Birthday time of the year and over the last few days I have been busy wrapping birthday presents for some of my girlfriends. Before I started the gift wrapping however I decided it was time to clean out and come up with a practical, usable and organised system of storing the gift wrap, ribbons ect.

To get some inspiration and organising ideas I hopped on 
google my internet helper and found lots of ideas for storing new, 
on a roll wrapping paper and new in a packet ribbons but 
found nothing on how to store used, not perfectly straight and odd pieces.

All that said, this blog post is to share with you how I ended up 
organising the wrapping department in our house!

I firstly pulled out all the gift bags and put them in piles according to size,
I also pulled out all the bags that weren't good enough for gifts and set them aside. 
I then decided to organise the wrapping paper by separating it
 into piles of different types of paper, colours and size. 
Putting all the cellophane together, the small pieces, large pieces together ect.
I also threw out the paper and ribbons that were not worth keeping as I found them!.

When I had the loose pre used wrapping paper sorted into piles I grabbed the 
gift bags that were no good for giving gifts in and used them to neatly 
store the wrapping paper. I used one bag for cellophane and tissue paper, 
one for the large pieces. One for the smaller pieces and so on. 
I also used the larger gift bags to store the small one’s in

The ribbons I curled into a neat circle and placed inside a zip lock bag as
 well as the decorative string and bows. 
I them placed all the gift embellishments into a wicker storage basket.
( the zip lock bags stop all the ribbons and string getting  knotted on each other)

When I got to the rolls or wrapping paper I did use an Idea I 
found online somewhere. 
I grabbed a hand full of toilet rolls, cut them up the middle and 
put them around the rolls to stop them unraveling.
 I also used kitchen paper towel roll centers to slide over some of
 the smaller wrapping paper rolls.

Well there you have it, how I organised my wrapping paper department!
 May God bless you all,

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