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The Hope Chest Part Four - Skills to Put in a Hope Chest (b)


I know this series seems like it never ends but, finally, we are at the last post.

The Hope Chest Part Four - Skills to Put in a Hope Chest (b)


Wash, dry, fold, put away. Wash, dry, fold, put away. Laundry may seem monotonous and never ending at times, but there's nothing quite towels fresh out of the dryer or
sleeping on sun dried sheets. Washing clothes isn't difficult, but it is a skill. Learn what colours go with what, what temperatures will shrink what fabrics and how to get out that persistent stain. Ask your Mum if she will teach you how she do her washing (trust me, everyone does it different), and who knows, you might just find one more way you could serve your family. As a side note, a tip I heard from one lady was to pray for each member of your family as you fold their washing.

Office Skills

If you ever wanted to be a receptionist, here's your chance. Being a wife and mother means being second in charge of your very own individual household, complete with phone calls, incoming and out going bills, filing and word processing.  Get advice from your Mum and maybe other mums you know and learn what they do. So put on your snappy clothes and make that office rock!

Money Management

 Finances is one of the major stresses on marriages today. Knowing what to do with your money and how to use it properly are very important skills to learn, especially while you're younger. Do you know how to live on a budget? If you work, do you live from paycheck to paycheck? Learn what you can about wise money management and making money go as far as it can. And if you hear a good money saving tip, remember it and write it down for future use.

Child Care and Training

Do you know how to look after kids? Are you aware of the basic principals of training your children up in the Lord? Your children, should the Lord bless you with them, are your first mission field. There is no one else to whom you can be a better example or make a greater impression  on than your kids.
They see you 24 hours a day and they know whether what you say with your mouth is real in your life. Fortunately, God has given plenty of instruction about raising and training up children in His word and He has also given many men insight into what that instruction looks like in our lives. Your Dad and Mum can also offer lots of advice, both on what they did right and what they would do differently. Ultimately, the Holy Spirit is the greatest teacher and, if we are willing, will guide us into all truth. Also on the subject of training, if you plan on homeschooling or want to know what homeschooling is all about, now is a good time to research it while you still have the time.

Basic Health Knowledge

What do you do if someone has a high fever? What about if they sprain their ankel? How do you make a nutritious meal that helps to build the body and not weigh it down? Learning some basic health knowledge can be very useful at the right time. A lot of information can be gained from a few good books or DVDs that you can get through your library, especially on subjects like first aid. Or you could take a one or two day short course through your local Red Cross or St John's Ambulance. Natural medicine is also a really good subject to know a bit about. There are thousands of natural remedies that are cheaper, more effective and much more healthy than modern drugs and, chances are, you have access to many of them right in your own pantry or backyard. Also, if you plan on one day having a home birth or are interested in the idea of it, you might want to learn a bit about the pregnancy and birth processes, what you want them to look like and what you can do to help make that happen (proper eating, learning what options you have, ect,.), which is good to know about no matter where you have your babies..

Colour Coordination

Good colour coordination is the icing on the cupcake. Knowing how to put colours together turns painting into painting, food into food and craft into craft. Colour coordination is one way of making things look the best they can without spending any extra money. Wearing the right colours makes you look healthier and prettier, 
decorating your house with colours that go together makes it look like a professional designer has done it and even serving foods with contrasting colours can make it look yummier and more gourmet. Colour coordination comes easier to some than it does to others, but anyone can learn it. One way to get better at it is to go to a hardware and have a look at their paint section. Often they will have little books advertising their paint showing decorated rooms and the primary colours used. These colours have been carefully selected to compliment each other. By studying the books, you can get an idea of colours that go nicely together. Also, ask your Mum, she generally has some good ideas.

Miscellaneous Useful Skills

Depending on your family or how you envisage your future life, you may have other miscellaneous skills that you want  to add to this list. This could be anything from candle making or painting to rug making or cooking with sourdough. One of the best ways to learn is to research and practice as much as you can.

May God bless you as endeavor to prepare to  be a capable homemaker!

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