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Daughter of the King


I have often heard Proverbs 31 read and applied to how wives 
can be such a great blessing to their 
husbands and families. 
I however as a single woman asked the 
Lord one day to help me see how I can
 live out this chapter in my 
life and therefore be a 
great blessing to my father and family. 
This article is the product of that
 desire to be a 
faithful Daughter of my King, Christ Jesus

An excellent and Virtuous Daughter lives each day according to God's laws.
She seeks after righteousness and her worth is far above precious jewels.

Her father trusts in her, she honours and enriches him and by her hands her family is blessed. She brings them good and not harm all the days of her life, she busily works with her hands in delight.

Like a merchant ship she brings food from afar, she makes profit from what she buys and sells. She insures good for her household.
She prepares herself spiritually and physically for each new day and is well planned for the new days tasks, not only for herself but also for those under her authority.

She makes her decisions based upon wisdom and with wisdom she will see opportunity, from opportunity she works good. Carefully she inspects each opportunity for it's worth. She builds upon opportunity to create another and she lets no profit be wasted.

She prepares herself to be strong and she works hard making her arms strong.
She ensures her dealings are good and her lamp burns into the night.
Her outstretched hands serve her family yet she is ready to help the poor and reaches out to the needy. She has no worry for what may come for she has prepared well.

She is a woman who 'can do'. She dresses as a woman of great worth, her appearance brings honour to both her earthly father and her heavenly Father. You can see she is a daughter of the King.

Her father is well know by the elders and is held in high regard by his community. He is a leader who seeks after justice and righteousness. He is all this for he has his household in order.

Virtuous is clothed with strength and dignity.
She smiles at the future, rejoicing in what may come for she is ready.

She opens her mouth and shares wisdom from what she has learnt. She teaches others with kindness for she knows how far she has come.
She teaches others to be Godly, to serve in His way.

She watches over her household to make sure it is Godly. Laziness is not what she is known by, but for diligence and discipline.

One day her own children will bless her and her husband with praise her, "There are many virtuous and capable women, but you surpass them all".

She does not seek attention or attraction through her charms because it can deceive nor by beauty because it does not last.
She trusts and leans on her Saviour Jesus Christ to 
create in her a true beauty of Godly 
character and servant hood.

For a daughter who serves and fears the Lord will be greatly praised. Give her the produce of her hands and her diligence and let her works praise her in her home and community.

Written By Miss Anita

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