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A Stay-at-Home Daughter Can Blessing her Family Part 3


Dear Friends, I know it’s been a little while since we posted the 1st and 2nd parts of this blog post series, (we had some special posts to do regarding Mother’s Day and ANZAC day =D) but today I am happy to share with you the final part, Part 3. I pray if you are a daughter that you are challenged with these  ideas and if you are already doing them, then I pray you are encouraged as you serve the Lord as you serve your family. I also pray for the mothers and grandmothers who read this post that you would be encouraged to pass on to your daughters and granddaughters the skills and knowledge that you have learnt as you have served the Lord in your households.

Playing Music

“How good it is to sing praises to our God, 
How pleasant and fitting to praise Him”
Psalm 147 verse 1

Music is such a beautiful gift from our Creator. Music can touch the soul in ways nothing else can. It can lift us up and remind us of God’s faithfulness and love and yet challenge us to live ever more in obedience to His will. Not everyone is skilled or gifted in playing music but those who are able can be such a blessing to their families through music. They can fill the house with melodies of praise, stories of hope and tunes of gladness. God gave us the gift of music, let’s use our gift to His glory and bless those around us. For those of us to whom music does not come naturally, we can still use and benefit from this wonderful gift by playing and listening to the music of those who are. 


No matter what family you are from there comes the time for haircuts. In our family my mother did most of the haircutting when it came to us girls and over the years she has become quite good at it. Now that we are older she has passed her knowledge on to us and therefore we are able to help out with some of the haircutting that happens in our home. As well as trim each other’s hair and sometimes our own, we  try to add to our hair dressing knowledge as the opportunities arise.There is so much information on the Internet these days regarding hair cutting or perhaps you have a friend who is a hairdresser and can give you some tips. One day when we have our own families our haircutting knowledge will be both a money saver and a blessing to our families.

Frugal Cooking

Cooking and baking are some of the most crucial areas affecting a family’s budget, health and enjoyment. While the idea of frugal cooking is often associated with poorness and brings to mind bland, unappetising meals, selecting ingredients wisely and preparing homemade foods tastefully is an art and can produce the most delicious dishes, while also sparing the family purse. After all, anyone can take exotic ingredients and make them into something flash, but it is no small thing to take ordinary, humble ingredients and make them into something tasty. This does take skill and practice, but it is a skill that anyone can foster and grow. The time when a daughter is living in her family home is a perfect time to practice. As an added bonus, as a girl becomes more and more adept and efficient in this area, her family will benefit from the delicious meals, as well as the monetary savings.

P.S For some yummy frugal recipe ideas check out our Recipes Page!.


Bookkeeping is a task that, although fundamentally simple and monotonous, can make a big difference in the workings of a household, particularly in financial aspects (especially if done wrong). Depending on the situation of the family, a daughter can use her time and energies to help in this area. Although bookkeeping is something that I, Sabrina, have gone on to study, much of the bookkeeping that I have done for the family was done when I had no formal training. Starting with simple data entry and filing, a daughter can learn the necessary skills be a wonderful asset in this area. These skills can be learnt from a mother or whoever currently does the bookkeeping, providing they are willing to teach her, or much can be learnt from books and correspondence courses. 

Use Hope Chest Items Early

Hope chests are an idea that we have talked about before on this blog. I love the tradition of creating a hope chest and the blessing it can be to a girl’s future family, but I have found that hope chests can also be a big blessing for a daughter’s current family in the meantime. Personally, I have been able to use items such as cookie trays and my digital scale while utilising my cooking skills in the family kitchen. While it is true that these items are not staying in mint condition and we could get along without them, they still come in very handy. I have realized that, even if some of my collected things get worn out or broken before I actually use them in my own house, they have been used up in loving service to others, which is my main desire anyway.

God Bless,
Written by Anita and Sabrina

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