Change is in the Air


Dear All,

Over the next few weeks our Godzgear Blog will be getting some much needed TLC as well as a Brand New Look!. We are hoping that our new changes will help make our blog easier to read, easier to navigate and that you will be even more inspired by the new pages and resources we are adding.

All the above takes time and effort so please be patient with us, (Sabrina and I, Anita) as we endeavour to bring you something special when we are done. If you have difficulties viewing our blog or you can't get through to our blog please don't fret, we have to take Godzgear off line for a little while to make all the necessary changes and improvements. There will also be no posts for the next two weeks while we get knee deep in the change over!. 

Neither Sabrina or myself are blog design geniuses so when Godzgear is back up and running we would love your input into how you like our changes or if we need to fix or change anything. Please oh please do let us know if something is not working or needs to be changed, some times we just don't see a problem so we don't know we need to fix it. =D 

God Bless and we will see you soon!

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