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Make a Pretty Hair Clip in 7 Easy Steps!


Hi all, sorry it's been a little while since I blogged last. There are just so
many wonderful things to make and share but not always enough time to do it all!

All that said, today I had a little time up my sleeve and decided to try my hand
at making my own hair clips. It was a fun and easy task with a pretty hair clip 
for my church outfits as a result.

P.S This was not my church outfit! 

Step One
First of I went looking for some leftover bits and pieces to make my hair clip out of.
I found a short bit of lace, a thick bobby pin and a pearl bead.
With my supplies I headed to my sewing room for a pair of scissors, a needle and thread.

Step Two

After threading my needle I folded back one end of the lace onto it's self and 
stitched it down giving me a nice edge to work with.

Step Three

I then weaved my needle through the bottom of my piece of lace so that I could gather it. (NOTE, If you want to use a piece of fabric, just do big stitches along the bottom).
I kept weaving, checking every now and then if I had gone far enough by pulling on my thread and gathering the lace. When my lace formed a nice flower-like circle when I gathered it, I knew I had gone far enough.

Step Four

Now that my lace piece is gathered I cut off the extra lace leaving enough to fold it back on it's self and stitch it down onto the other lace.

Step Five

Once I stitched down my end I put in a few more stitches to hold everything together.
Whoolah! A pretty flower.

Step Six

While I still had my needle, I slipped my pearl bead onto my thread and stitched in onto my new flower. I also put a few extra stitches in here to make sure my bead does not come loose.

Step Seven

From there I simply stitched my flower onto my bobby pin, making sure it was tightly
stitched and secured on. (NOTE, You could also glue it on)

Well there you have it, A Pretty Hair Accessory that was simple and easy!

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and it is a blessing to you.

Written by Anita
from Godzgear.

If you want to see more of my home made sweetness, visit my shop at

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