D.I.Y Wrapping Paper Bunting


Do you have a celebration coming up? Need some cheery decorations that won't cost the earth? If so, this D.I.Y bunting is just the thing. And what's more, it's quick and easy to make, requires no sewing and you probably have the materials lying around.


  • Wrapping paper (the kind that isn't plastic-y is best)
  • Twine or string, the length depends on how long you want your bunting
  • Thick cardboard 
  • A pen or marker
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • An iron and ironing board

Cut a triangle out of your thick cardboard, making it the size you would like your bunting flags to be. Clip the top corners just a bit.

Place the cardboard on top of the wrapping paper and use it as a template to trace the triangle onto the paper.

Cut out the triangles.

If the wrapping paper you are using is used or wrinkled, you can flatten it with your iron. Turn the steam function off on your iron and set it to warm. Iron both sides for the best results. If you are using paper that has too much plastic in it, it will curl up like this.

When you have finished cutting out and flattening your flags, fold the tops down at the point where you cut the corners off.

Place the flags on top of the string, making the distance between them about 2.5cm or whatever looks good to you. Then use a stapler to attach the flags to the string. Stapling on a slight angle helps to catch the string and attach the flag better.

Keep going until you reach your desired length or you run out of flags.

There you have it! 
Hope this helps you better celebrate life's special occasions.

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