5 Handy Tips for the Busy Housewife or House Cleaner


I have done my fair share of cleaning over time and I know 
the value of good tools and tips.

Having said that I am happy to share with you a 
little list of 5 tips and tricks 
that I have found to be super helpful to me.

Plastic bags to stop the sink leaking
I don’t know about you, but it is so annoying when your sink plugs start giving out and pretty soon you have no water left in the sink to wash with. One day I needed a quick fix and thought I’d cut up a plastic bag and use it as an extra seal between the plug and drain. It works better than anything else I've tried, including buying a new plug.

Eucalyptus spray takes out oil stains
Oil stains are one of the hardest stains that I have had to try and get out of clothes and up until just recently I had almost given up on the possibility of getting them out. I tried different stain removers, some being very time consuming but still giving poor results. One day my sister suggested I try Eucalyptus spray to get out my oil stains. I sprayed it on the clothes straight away and put it in the wash. When it came out I was so surprised, I couldn't see where the stain had been. I found out later that Eucalyptus has been a well know great oil stain remover.

Magic white sponges clean everything
You may have never heard of magic white sponges before but I must say they are one of my favourite cleaning tools. They work very similar to micro fibre clothes but are even better for getting marks of walls, cleaning smooth surfaces like the bath tub, sink, glass, shower screen, splash back, fridge and the list goes on. It’s hard to describe how easy it is to clean with them and I hope you go out and buy yourself some and give them a try so you will know first-hand how great they are. P.S If you like them go on Ebay to cheaply buy them bulk. And, you don’t need to use any soap when you clean with them.

Dust your skirting and house with a cobweb duster
Being a cleaner I know the value of a good tool. I some times have to quickly dust an entire house in a short time and when this happens you start thinking up ideas on how to make life easier. I was cobwebbing one day and thought why not use it to dust the skirtings as well. From then on I now dust all my skirtings, curtain rails and doorways with my cobwebber. Go for it, see what a great tool the old cobwebber is!

Olive oil and table salt varnish repair
 No matter how hard we try to keep our tables nice and unmarked accidents still happen and one that is hard to disguise is burn marks from hot cups, pots etc. One day my sister came upon a article on how to fix burn marks with olive oil and table salt. This idea worked so well, it repaired the varnish and has given our table more years of life. 
For the in detailed recipe and how she does it check 
back for next weeks blog post!

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