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This post was graciously written by our lovely mother, who has been feeding our dogs yummy, homemade dog food for many years. Hope you enjoy it.


Having a dog around the house can be a wonderful asset. It will teach you and your children a LOT about animals and can serve as an effective security measure. It doesn't have to be expensive! You can feed your dog nutritious food that doesn't cost much to produce, and it will save you dollars on vet bills and medication, because you will have a healthy and happy dog!

Our Story
We have had Rottweiler dogs in our family for many years. We chose this breed because their temperament is great for our family. Although calm,trainable, courageous, loyal, protective, highly intelligent, docile etc.,they are powerful, massive dogs that need to be fed well.

Years ago, when we did not know better, we fed our dogs anything from tin food to dry biscuits, keeping in mind our budget. Our dogs were mostly healthy when they were young, but did not maintain their health as they aged.

One day one of our dogs started yelping every time he sat down or tried to get up. He was in a lot of pain and seemed to have pain in the joints like arthritis. At the time we lived in remote Australia and thought that we might have to put the dog down to let it out of its misery. It was like, all of a sudden, the dog became very old. We had heard that rolled oats, the food of race horses, was a great nutritious food for dogs, so we had a try. We would soak the oats all by themselves with some hot water, let them soften, and then feed it to our dog with some table scraps for flavour. The difference in our dog was almost overnight. He stopped his yelping within a week and never looked back after that. It was like he became a young dog again, with heaps of energy, a glossy coat and he put on lots of muscle.

A Bonus
Not only had we stumbled across a super food for our dogs but we had found a most affordable dog food to produce. Rolled oats can be bought in your supermarket or stock feed for a minimal price and making it is easy!Why don’t you try it? Just soak some rolled oats overnight in cold water or warm water with some table scraps. It will be ready to serve in themorning. If you forget then just add hot water and wait about 10 minutes. You can also cook it up like porridge. Your dogs will be the judge but I think they will love it.

Add to the Recipe
Don’t throw out your off milk or dairy products. Dogs love it and it is good for their digestive system. Just add it to the porridge. You can also add vegetable oil and eggs for their coats, fresh garlic for worms and general health, salt etc. Boil up bones to make broth and add the rolled oats. The possibilities are endless and you won’t waste any food in your house!

Evelyn Hair

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