Whole Wheat Pancakes


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Today I'd like to share one of our family's favourite recipes: whole wheat pancakes. These pancakes are easy, filling and delicious! Personally, we prefer them a little thinner, so we tend to make the batter a bit runnier. Hope you like them!


3 cups whole wheat flour              1 egg
¼ tsp bicarbonate soda                  1 large tbsp                                                               honey
½ tsp cream of tartar                      Milk or water

In a bowl mix together flour, bicarbonate soda and cream of tartar.Add egg and honey, do not stir until you have added the milk or water.The amount of liquid depends on your taste, if you want thicker pancakes,use less liquid; if you want thinner pancakes, add more liquid. Once you have added the liquid and mixed it in, let the mixture sit for awhile to let it bubble.The mixture is now ready to cook in a fry pan or on the BBQ in your
preferred style.

Serving suggestion: Top pancakes with butter, maple syrup, fresh or frozen berries and whipped cream.

Written by
Miss Sabrina

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