DIY Chic Office Chair Reno Tutorial


It’s a new year and with it comes a new year of challenges. 
One of the challenges I've given myself this year is to try and 
be more organised when it comes to my work space and home work!
So I got to thinking and decided the best place to start was with my office chair. Being the person I am, I have done my work space/room décor leaning towards French Provincial as much as the budget allows and with the bargain items I have refurnished that the Lord has provided. However, I had a white elephant, my not so chic office chair! Therefore today’s blog post is a tutorial on how I refurnished my ordinary office chair into a chic and stylish piece.

P.S “sorry if the pictures are a little blurry, 
I did this late in the afternoon so I had to use lamp light”

Items your need:
  • Heavy duty or Upholstery fabric
  • Staple Gun
  • Screwdriver / Philips and Flat head
  • Pliers
  • Scissors
  • Measuring line/ruler

Take out the screws in the bottom of the chair and back rest

Then carefully using a flat headed screw driver take off the plastic base attached to bottom of the seat cushion and backrest cushion, mine had staples to told them in place so once I had them out it just came of with a little fiddling.

Using both the flat head screw driver and pliers, take out the staples holding the upholstery fabric on the cushions down. Some of my staples didn't come out, so I left them in because I knew they wouldn't be seen anyway.

Once you have got the old fabric off, lay it out and measure it so that you can cut your new piece of fabric to the same size. (Quick note: Try and study how the old fabric was stapled down so you will have a better 
idea of how to staple your new fabric down).

Using your measurements to mark and cut out your new fabric.

Put your new fabric right side down and place your chair cushion in the centre making sure your fabric is big enough and will fit.

I started stapling the two long sides first making sure they where even and the pattern on the other side was straight. I then stapled the two other sides in place. I left the corners to last so I could get rid of any wrinkles. I had to fiddle with the corners a little until I had a nice finish.

Follow the above directions for the seat cushion as well.
Once both sections, back rest and seat, are reupholstered clip the plastic backings back on. This may take a little fiddling.

Put the screws back in making sure your gas up and down leaver is in the right spot and you’re done.

After I did my office chair I decided to just keep on going and do my sewing chair also


God bless you all,
Written by Anita

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