5 Minute DIY No Tangle Earphone Keeper


Hi Everyone, first off I would like to announce that as of this week I will endeavour to have my weekly blog posts published and sent out to you all on Mondays, not Fridays. Friday is a busy day both for me and my family, therefore I have decided to change my blogging day!

With that said, this Mondays blog post is a quick little video tutorial on how you can make no tangle earphone keepers.

I for one find it frustrating when you need a pair of earphones to listen to something but first have to spend 5 minutes untangling them for each other. I don't know how they do it but no matter how long they have been in the draw they are always knotted and tangled with each other and just about every other cord or cable in there. My answer to this dilemma is the peg earphone keeper.

I use mine all the time and have found them very helpful and time saving. In the video below I'll show you how you can make your own.

I hope you find this as helpful and useful as I did!
God's blessings be with you

Written by
Miss Anita

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