No Soap Shaving? Natural Shaving Solution!


I don’t  know about anyone else but for a long time I have searched for a way to get a nice clean shave that’s smooth but doesn't badly  dry out my skin! 
I've tried different type of soaps but found most of them dry out my skin,
(not to mention are quite bad for your health as well). 
I have also tried shaving using just water but found it makes shaving
 a bit of a chore because my razor just didn't slide nice. 
Just water also  doesn't always leave a nice smooth finish on your skin. 
We'll, after all my searching I found an answer to my shaving problems, it’s called Borax.

Natural Shaving Solution

Borax is a naturally found product that has great soap/cleaning properties. It is cheap and easy to find in the cleaning section of most grocery shops. Don’t  let the fact that it is found in the cleaning isle scare you, in my opinion it is much safer to use on your skin than most commercially sold soaps or shaving creams. If you still have doubts though about it's safeness hop on the Internet and check it out.

When I use borax for shaving I simple mix a 5 cent piece worth into a approx.  1/3 cup of warm water until it dissolves. The borax dissolves into the water 
creating a slippery liquid great for shaving.
  I then  take some of my borax water and pour it onto where I plan to shave and start shaving. You can also put your shaver in the borax water to help get a more slippery shave experience. 
There you have it, a more skin friendly way to shave that’s cheap and has good results.

P.S. After a shave I like to finish up with a nice home made skin soothing lotion, I'll post my recipe next week! Make sure you check it out!


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