What is so great about Denim!


Most of us know Denim and use it, but it felt like I discovered it 
when I had children and a busy little family to keep.

Not only is Denim a quality cotton fabric that breathes, it is tough and looks good until it finally falls apart. There is not much you cannot do, when you are wearing denim. 
It hides stains and you can pretty much sit anywhere.

I learned that I could dress my children in Denim quite cheaply from the 
second-hand shop or handed down clothing.  

denim outfits

Because Denim is so hardy, second hand clothing can look as new, and still last a long time. It is very versatile in that you can dress up a little girl in a pretty denim dress with lace, and a little boy in an overall with trucks printed on it. Denim can be dressed up and dressed down. You can pass it down from one child to another, as your children grow. Boys and girls can often wear the same denim when it comes to pants and overalls. Plain pants and overalls just need a girlish shirt or a boyish shirt to change the look. 

This acquired knowledge has been applied to my clothing style also.

 God has provided me with beautiful second hand denim jackets, skirts and shirts, all of which look in new condition when I received them. As with the children, I turn my aging denim clothing into work clothes, or around-the-house clothing. In this way I still get to wear, what looks good on me and what I am comfortable wearing, around the yard and in my home.  No more daggy around-the-house clothes, just ones that are a little worn.

Denim commonly comes in shades of blue, which looks great on nearly all skin types. It holds itself firm, giving a smart look, and mostly does not need ironing. If it gets a little worn, well that’s just another great look!

denim outfits

Even after you have worn out your denim in the garden, it still has so much potential !

denim quilt

*        Save the good parts and make squares into a quality, heavy quilt cover. To buy this sort of a quilt would be expensive. The purchase of the fabric alone would cost quite a bit. I buy a cheap quilt cover from the second hand shop and sew my squares to match the size, using one side of the old quilt as a backing. You can possibly get two backings this way. 

*        Make pillow covers, curtains or cover a chair. The ideas seem endless.
*        When your quilt cover is worn and faded, make a new one and turn your old one into a picnic rug. It still has lots of life in it. =D The heaviness of the denim will stop it blowing up in the wind. 

denim skirts

*        I have also converted skirts using denim. I have sewn the top of a denim skirt to lengthen another skirt. Try it! You don’t have to be accomplished on the sewing machine. You are just attaching one skirt to another. It is a straight line, you could even hand sew it

Denim never seems to go out of fashion! It is my favourite fabric and look.

Evelyn Hair, mother of Anita Hair

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