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How a Stay-at-Home Daughter Can Be a Blessing to her Family


As stay at home daughters, Sabrina and myself would like to share with you a series of blog posts on ways we as daughters can bless our families. This weeks post is the first five points or ways we can use our energy, time, gifts and creativity to serve our Lord through serving our family! I pray you are both encouraged and blessed by these posts....


Cleaning is one of those tasks that always needs doing. There seems to be a never ending supply of items, places or things that need to be cleaned. Daughter’s can be such a big blessing in their home by lending their hands to serve by cleaning, whether it is dishes, that bathroom, the car, windows, washing, and the list goes on. I know it may seem a chore that goes mostly unnoticed but God see’s and knows the heart.

Proofread Books

This is one area that I, Sabrina, have a lot to do with. When I was young, my mother used to try and proofread the books that she gave me to read so that I would be protected from reading inappropriate or unsuitable content, a job that I am very thankful she did. As I became older, I started to take on the task of selecting my reading options myself and, through my mother’s guidance, became quite adept at being able to quickly discern the quality of a books content and notice the subtle lies that can be picked up subconsciously by the reader if they are not careful. Because I know how to do this, because I generally have more free time than my mother and because I love to read, I am now able to serve my mother and our whole family by researching and proofreading the books that come into the house and checking to make sure that they are appropriate to add to our collection. P. S. You can also proofread books you might want to put away in your hope chest for your own family one day.... 


I know gardening and maintenance are usually seen as jobs for the men of the house yet I believe there are some really great ways women, mothers and especially daughters can be a blessing in this area. I for one have a very busy father and brother and they don’t always have the time to do the little bits of maintenance around the place that need doing. I however have more time on my hands and with their consent and instruction, (along with my mothers too) I can perhaps repaint the garden fence, plant the seedlings in the veggie garden, water the garden, pull weeds, mow the lawn and the list of items can go on and on.


The task of doing the laundry does not fall to anyone outright in our family, although Mum ultimately makes sure that it gets done every week. Anita and I often will put a load on if we see that the laundry is piling up and, as hanging up the washing is one of our favourite household tasks, we can often be seen hanging up, taking down or folding and sorting the laundry, all ready and clean to be worn by the family.

Decorating cakes

Decorating cakes is a hobby that I personally find very enjoyable. I love it when there is a birthday coming up and I can try my hand at a new cake design. While my designs are probably a bit fancier than you would normally find at a birthday and my Mum could whipped up a special cake just as easily, by me making the cake for her, there’s one less thing for her to take care of when the birthday arrives.

We hope you enjoyed this post, Click here to read part two..

Written by Sabrina & Anita

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