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How a Stay-at-home Daughter can be a blessing to her Family Pt 2


Dear Friends, here is part two of our blog series featuring different ideas and ways that we as Stay-at-home daughters can use our skills, abilities, creativity, time and God given gifts to be an asset and blessing through serving like Christ to our families. To see the first blog post in this series you can find it Here..

We, Sabrina and myself, (Anita) pray you are both encouraged and blessed by this post.

Ironing is something that I didn’t really go out of my way to learn until I was in my late teens, partially because we take pains to hang and fold our washing as to reduce the amount of clothing that we have to iron. However, over the years we have started to wear a few more clothes that require ironing to look their best and we have more of an ironing pile. My wonderful mother lovingly taught me the basics of the ironing and, since that time, it has become a time consuming task that I can help my family with if I have some down time.

Flower Arranging
Flower arranging is a lovely way to beautify your home and bring the beauty of outside inside. A flower arrangement does not have to be complicated to be beautiful, even a simple collection of garden flowers can be a lovely addition to the atmosphere of a room. Some of the skills of floristry can be learnt through books and classes, but much can be learnt through just practice and experimenting. 

Rag rugs
This a hobby that I picked up when I was looking for a way to use up the excess rags that we had around the house. Little did I know that I had found a creative, useful and fun hobby. Not only does this hobby use up what would otherwise be wasted, but it also provides useful and attractive accessories for our home, as well as lovely gifts.

Events planning
Life is pretty busy in a family and especially for a mother and wife and sometimes she doesn’t have all the time she would like to perhaps plan a birthday party, Father’s day picnic, Sister bridal shower ect. Daughters can be a big help in the planning of events and activities for the family. They also usually have lots of energy and ideas to bring to the table.

There is nothing quite like having a house well organised for time saving and well, just making house work and house life easier. Having an organised pantry, linen cupboard, laundry ect. Can be such a great time saver, you don’t need to search for matching container lids, wonder where all the clean towels are or try and find where the pink wrapping paper is hidden. Yes having cupboards and bits and bobs organised is a great idea, however organising them and keeping them organised does take time, creativity and effort. Daughter can be such an asset in this area. I for one do a lots of the bits and bobs organising in our home and know that this is a great blessing to my mother. One way that daughters can use organising to be a blessing is to tidy up that messy gift wrapping pile. This is one area of the house that is highly prone to getting untidy. You can get some inspiration from our gift wrap organising post here...

We hope that you have enjoyed this post and look forward to seeing you next week!

Written by Anita & Sabrina

P.S. If you didn't catch part one of this series, you can find it here.

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