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Lest We Forget


I pray you are blessed this ANZAC season by reading this beautiful poem reminding us of our soldiers' heroic sacrifice and pointing us to the greatest Sacrifice of all time.

Watched the parade in the city, the young and old marching
The different musical bands
Different nationalities, Divisions
Sea, Earth and Sky
Navy, Army and Air force, Police, Fire brigade, 
Ambulance, Nurses, all marching.

The public were clapping, cheering, some had posters saying “thankyou” which was much appreciated
All was very cheery and some teary-

Lest We Forget What?

 The sacrifice many made costing lives
The sacrifice many made who lost loved ones
The hardships, struggles, loneliness, pain, hunger, thirst,
 seeing mates wounded and killed.
And here we are thanking, encouraging, cheering, remembering as best we can what these men have done for our freedom.

The Holy Scriptures also speak of this because our 
heavenly Father knew our weakness

Lest We Forget

The Lord was willing to lay down His life for us
He gave up everything, suffered horribly, died dreadfully
For our freedom, His love was so great

In the breaking of the bread
And the pouring of the wine
We eat and drink in Remembrance.

Lest We Forget

1 Cor 2 verse 24
Luke 22 verse 10

Written by guest blogger

Mrs Jannet Wieske

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